Vika’s Augmentation of Arms

August 28, 2021 Strathmore Bristol paper 14×17”, Holbein Gouache, Windsor Newton Gold Gouache, India ink, Gold LeafCalligraphy and Illumination by meWords by Alys Mackyntoich With in person events beginning again I was elated to receive my next assignment.  I was given an Augmentation of Arms!  A huge honor for me, especially as a brand new…

Imaginacion de Vraye Silver Crescent

April 11, 2021 Strathmore Bristol paper 14×17”, Holbein Gouache, India ink, Gold Leaf and Palladium LeafCalligraphy, Illumination and Words by me I’ve been called to my next assignment. This one was going to be special as it was my first High Merit assignment, a Silver Crescent (East Kingdom High Merit Service Award). I have been…

Dürer Silver Wheel

February 21, 2021 Strathmore Bristol paper 14×17”, India ink, Gouache Calligraphy and Illumination by me.  Words by Matthias Grunwald Back in November, after I finished my previous scroll, I was assigned a Silver Wheel for Millicent Rowan.  I was rather excited since the assignments had been quite scarce due to the pandemic.  I realized that…

Hellmouth Award of Arms

December 13, 2020 Strathmore Bristol paper 14×17”, Holbein gouache paint, gold leaf, and India ink  Calligraphy, Illumination and Words by me. Upon hearing that my close friend Enrique would be receiving his Award of Arms, I was instantly elated. I was then told that I would have the honor of doing his scroll, making my elation…

Gospel Lectionary Silver Tyger

September 14, 2020
Strathmore Bristol paper 9″x12″, Holbein gouache paint, Micron pen, gold leaf, palladium leaf, and India ink

Goth Laurel Gift

September 28, 2019
Gouache paint, India ink, Strathmore Bristol Paper.